Luigi Salmoiraghi Journey

Nature's unyielding fortress.
Bamboo takes root only after
the soil is carefully tended.
Suddenly, it grows up to thirty meters in height in just six weeks.

Welcome to Luigi Salmoiraghi journey. The unique qualities of bamboo are, for me, like a beacon on my path as a business consultant.

Like bamboo, I am seen as resilient and able to withstand the uncertainty that hangs over the business world. I am also seen as firm in facing challenges, looking for solutions to overcome roadblocks and focused on action.

Bamboo reminds me of the importance of sustainable growth. As an action manager, I focus on the ongoing development of the SMEs I advise. I work to ensure that my clients achieve their goals and build a solid foundation for a better future.

Like bamboo, I am seen as flexible, and I adapt well to changing environments. My experience in sales, marketing and distribution allows me to tailor strategies according to the market’s needs, ensuring the success of the companies I help.

Here I'm ...

Luigi "Gigi" is born

Thursday, 18 May at 10.40 am 'Gigi' was born. The chubby baby will spend a peaceful childhood in the central Porta Romana district.

Master Degree in Telecommunications Engineering

After high school he graduated from the Milan Politecnico with a thesis on image processing.

Master Degree

1999 A journey begins

Sales Account Manager Iberia

Enabled relocation from a small branch to a capital operational branch.
Setting up the B2B distribution channel in the Iberian market.
Grew revenue from €2M to €5M within two years.

Country Manager at
D-Link Iberia

The company accomplished €25M in revenues in 2008 with marketshare of 40% of units shipped in the Spanish market.

2000 Moving to Barcelona

Allons enfants

Sales & Marketing Director Southern Europe

Promoted to Sales & Marketing Director Southern European Region. Oversaw and encouraged local Country, Marketing, and Sales Managers in Iberia, Italy, France, Balkans and Greece to perform as expected and attain respective targets. Bringing D-Link France to be one of the most performing Countries in Europe.

European Committee

Adding the UKI region under my responsibility. Spearheaded implementation of sales & marketing programs/strategies to increase profitability, elevate brand awareness, and improve customer satisfaction. Member of the workgroups responsible for implementing the European CMR (Salesforce) and Business Intelligence tools (QView)

God save the Queen

Action Management

Action Management is live!

Fractional management to address specific business needs. A cost-effective approach to providing expert insights and leadership without the commitment of a full-time hire. We offer our expertise in areas like strategy, operations, and marketing.

Pan-European Agreement

FNAC is a prominent French retail chain. Negotiated and closed the International Pan-European Agreement terms & conditions.

Amazon European Workgroup

Member of the working group responsible for the European coordination of Amazon with responsibility for contractual agreements and commercial policies.

Board Member
Vice President (2006 – 2008)

@aslan is the Spanish association of manufacturers, operators, integrators, data centres and cloud service providers committed to ICT innovation and cybersecurity.

Pan-European Agreement

Secured the Euronics International Pan European Agreement through complex terms & conditions negotiations with the second largest European retailer, resulting in the deployment of Smart Home in stores.

European Account Management

Managed and improved Pan-European relationship with the European Techdata team.

European Partner Program

Revamped the European Partner program that boosted market share by building VIP partnerships. In 2019, the program was further restructured into the Accelerator program, which enhanced the partner portal.


Digital Business Executive Programme (2023)

ESADE Business School

Marketing/Commercial Management Program
Sales Management Program

Executive Programs

Executive Course in Finance Basics & Company Administration Executive Course in Cost Controlling & Management

Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering

Thesis: “Digital Image Processing, creation of local intranet for project sharing”.

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