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Welcome to your catalyst for growth! If you’re a B2B enterprise seeking to grow, you’ve come to the right place. As a seasoned Senior B2B Manager with a strong focus on the IT sector, I specialize in helping businesses like yours navigate the complexities and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.
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Luigi Salmoiraghi Sales & Marketing Action Manager

Luigi Salmoiraghi Sales & Marketing Action Manager

B2B Sales: The Ultimate Guide

B2B Sales: how can we predict our sales with a certain level of confidence?
Like everything in life, we must build a process for our company to predict sales with certainty.
B2B Sales: the ultimate guide by Luigi Salmoiraghi

How strong is your Company?

The test commences with a set of 20 questions where you assess your organization using a scale of 1-5.

By answering truthfully, you can effectively pinpoint the components that might be deficient and impede your progress toward surpassing your current limitations.

This is not an automated generated test,  we will email the tailored results in a few days.

Concerned about the
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Section 1 - About Vision and Mission
Section 2 - About People and Organization
Section 3 - About Sales & Marketing
Section 4 - Contact Details

Concerned about the
results of your Company

Section 1 - About Vision and Mission
Section 2 - About People and Organization
Section 3 - About Sales & Marketing
Section 4 - Contact Details

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Nature's unyielding fortress.
Bamboo takes root only after
the soil is carefully tended.
Suddenly, it grows up to thirty meters in height in just six weeks.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

With an in-depth understanding of the IT sector, I possess a comprehensive grasp of its nuances, trends, and challenges, enabling me to tailor solutions to suit your unique needs.


Tailored Solutions

Every business is different, and I understand the importance of tailoring strategies to suit your specific needs. Leveraging my vast experience, I can craft bespoke solutions that align perfectly with your brand and objectives.

Holistic Approach

Beyond providing mere superficial guidance, I take a holistic approach to growth, covering key aspects such as channels, legal considerations, cultural diversity, marketing, and sales. This comprehensive strategy ensures no stone is left unturned in your pursuit of success.


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Luigi Salmoiraghi Sales and Marketing Action Manager

Experts have opined for decades the reasons behind the spectacular failure rates of strategy execution.

Harvard University estimated that 67% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution.

In the last 20 years, I have helped several business units to implement and execute their global business plans adapting them to the local markets and needs.

The one-size-fits-all approach to execution is over.

If you’re serious about ensuring your business’s success and struggling to execute, let’s talk now to discover how I can add significant value to your organisation.

Welcome to Action Management
Luigi Salmoiraghi
Sales  & Marketing Action Management